What is it?

VLO@ProBiz Law is your virtual law office, providing a cost-effective way for entrepreneurs to purchase essential legal services to support, operate, and protect their business. We offer unbundled legal services at flat rates, giving you transparency in pricing and avoiding hidden fees.

Here’s what sets VLO@ProBiz Law apart:

  • Cost-Effective Flat Rates: Unlike traditional law firms, we offer a predictable pricing structure. You know exactly what you’re paying for upfront with our flat fees.
  • Convenience and Efficiency: Our entire process is online, allowing you to access legal services from anywhere, anytime. Our streamlined approach gets you the legal documents you need quickly.
  • Quality with Attorney Review: Our flat fee includes a crucial step missing from document preparation websites: attorney review of your completed questionnaire. This ensures the final document reflects your actual intent and meets your specific needs. If clarification is needed, the attorney will reach out to discuss and adjust the document accordingly.

Getting Started is Easy:

  1. Register for a Free Account: Create your free account and review the terms and conditions for site use. Your login credentials will grant you access to a secure portal for communication with our attorneys.
  2. Select and Pay: Browse our selection of available legal documents and choose the ones you need. Proceed to a secure checkout to complete your purchase.
  3. Complete the Questionnaire: For each document you select, you will be guided through a user-friendly questionnaire to provide the necessary details.
  4. Submit Your Questionnaire: Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, submit it through your secure MyLegalAffairs portal.
  5. Attorney Review: An attorney will review your questionnaire and contact you if they need additional information or want to refine specific language to ensure the document meets your unique circumstances.
  6. Print and Execute Your Document: When your document is complete (usually within two business days), we will upload it to your secure MyLegalAffairs portal and notify you via email. You can then log in, review, download, and print your final document.

VLO@ProBiz Law empowers entrepreneurs with the legal services they need to thrive.

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